Our Areas of Focus

Estate Planning

A comprehensive estate plan can assist our clients with all stages of life. Every client has a different family dynamic, various goals, and interesting stories. Our goal is to create a plan that fits our clients' particular story and allowing the plan to morph as life takes our clients on new adventures.

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Special Needs Planning

Government benefits can be crucial to the lives of our family members. Planning for loved ones with special needs is important to preserve funds and to assist our loved ones with retaining as much independence as possible. Our office assists clients with intricate special needs trust planning strategies.

Long-term Care Planning

The transition from independent living to the need for care and assistance is not easy; it can have emotional, physical, and financial strains on our loved ones and families. Proper long-term care planning can alleviate or mitigate these strains, allowing families to enjoy their time together.

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Upon the death of a loved one, it can be difficult to navigate the court process to administer a Will or Estate. Our office can assist you with the Probate proceeding to make it efficient and effective for you and your family.

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Trust Administration

Becoming the Trustee to a loved ones's Trust Estate can be confusing and overwhelming. We can walk you through the administration of the Trust to ensure it is completed properly and timely.

Guardianship & Conservatorship

When someone we love does not have the ability to make decisions, there are instances where we need court action to ensure our loved one is properly provided for medically and financially. If a Guardianship or Conservatorship is necessary, our office works to make it is as easy as possible on our clients.


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